JCB Spare Parts

Our company provides comprehensive services to clients with regard to the selection and sale of spare parts for JCB machines. Our qualified sales team will help in the selection of the appropriate part.

We sell original JCB parts as well as high-quality replacements.

Our range includes maintenance parts, body parts for JCB machines, arm elements for loaders and excavators, electrical components, engine parts, gearbox parts, cooling system parts, brake parts, hydraulic parts, chassis parts, fuel system and exhaust parts.

The most popular parts of the JCB are all the parts that wear out fairly quickly during operation of the machine, at the same time protecting it from serious damage. These include various types of Teflon slides, metal bushings, spacers, sets of seals for cylinders, shaft and release (simmerings) seals, rubber pads under the engine, gearbox and cab as well as teeth for buckets. Due to the fact that these parts should be changed quite frequently we offer very attractive prices on them.

Another group of parts are the JCB body components. You can replace parts such as fenders, various types of handles for doors and windows, interior and exterior mirrors, headlamps, rear and working lamps, shades for these lamps, gas servomotors for door and windows. All these parts can be found in our range.

You can buy from us various kinds of accessories for JCB machines such as paints, nipples, stickers, lubricators and accessories for JCB backhoe loaders: backhoe buckets of different widths, mechanical quick couplers for buckets and hydraulic hammers designed to work on JCB machines.

The most costly group are spare parts such as hydraulic pumps, drive shafts, steering wheels, drive shafts, solenoid valves, dampers, parts for engine and gearbox, etc. Since the purchase of these parts involves substantial expense and carrying out their replacement is not particularly simple, we offer most of them as original JCB parts although the prices remain competitive. Of course, for customers who wish to take advantage of even lower prices, we offer high-quality replacements.

We sell oils, fluids, lubricants and filters for JCB machines. These are hydraulic oils HP32 and HP46, hydraulic oils for bridges and release, motor oils, transmission oils for gearboxes, brake fluids, radiator fluids. As regards filters for JCB machines we sell air filters, fuel, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gearbox filters for all models of mini excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders, telescopic loader, wheeled and tracked excavators of the JCB brand. The majority are original products at attractive prices. We also sell a hundred percent substitutes for these products.

Our experience gained through several years of intense activity in the market for spare parts for construction machinery and in particular parts for JCBs allows us to achieve very high quality customer service. Parts selected by us are always the parts that the client needed.

The company JCB (full name of JC Bamford Excavators Limited) is one of the three largest manufacturers of construction equipment in the world. At the moment it produces approx. 300 models of various types of hardware used in the work of construction, demolition and agriculture. The most popular products include backhoe loaders, excavators, FASTRAC tractors and diesel engines. The company was founded in 1945 in the UK and currently manufactures its machines in 18 factories around the world.

All JCB spare parts in our offer